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Lost Love Back Solution

There are several dua to seed love for you in someone’s heart, you must beware while implementing this wazeefas. You do not need to visit or any other individual for you problems related to love. It is very common in many places where fake playing with the emotion of innocent people and making them fool and even taking money doing nothing.

I will request you not to fall in those trap of fake people, I have seen so many people who have already wasted their thousands of Dollars for getting solutions to their problems. Here in this page we share the real and powerful dua to achieve or to create love in the heart of your desired person.

dua for creating love in someone heart
dua for creating love in someone heart
“Yaallah Nikah Istikhara” recite this wazifa 11 times every day. This wazifa has the positive results and you can perform this Dua if you have already performed any Iskhara before.

How to create love in someone’s heart by dua?
Follow the instruction below to create love in someone’s heart:-

After the night obligatory prayers,
Imagine the person you want to create lover in his/her heart and implement the Dua;
Recite the “Durood E Pak” 11 times,
And then recite the Dua “Al WadooDu” 141 times;
After that recite once again the same Dua “Darood E Pak” 11 times;
Don’t forget to make any Dua from your deepest part of your heart.
You can pick any man/woman of your choice, absolutely anyone you want and even the person who currently hates you or rejected you in the past. This is the power of Islamic Dua or wazifa. There is also some other powerful Dua.

On a Friday night, first of all, take a clean bath and the sit facing towards the mosque with fresh mind

Don’t forget to take a fresh glass of water and put it before you;
Now you can recite the Dua “Darood Sharif” eleven times and blow on the glass;
Read the Dua, “Lakad Jaa Akum-Rasulam Min-Afusikam A-zeeum A-layhi-maa ANittum-H Areeum”; now blow again on the glass of water;
Now you need to recite the Dua “Darood Sharif” 11 times once again;
Drink the water and try to memorise the face of that person you want to create a connection in his/her heart
Use this method only after the sunset, and don’t use this Dua with wrong intentions. Allah-Tala will accept you Dua and give you what you want.

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